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Highly motivated team of professionals with dedication to their clients and pride in what they do. GRS Insurance Consultants Limited (GRS) is an independent specialist insurance broker and principally operates within the Hong Kong, Macau, China.

Founded in 2002, today we are one of prominent force of independent insurance brokers in Hong Kong insurance industry and have built a sound reputation for providing insurance services to clients in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Our heritage was built on the success of our engineering capabilities, but over the years we have diversified our business interests. We now specialize in a range of areas where we have built teams of professionals whose knowledge and experience enable us to deliver exceptional insurance solutions to them.

We currently provide services for over 2,000 clients in our operating areas where our clients are coming from various sectors such as contractors and builders, financial and professionals groups, developers and property managers, logistic and transportations, catering providers including all kind of restaurants, bars, pubs & entertainment clubs, hotels, schools and education organizations, press media and publishing organizations, travel agencies, all kind of retail chain shops, trading and manufacturing concerns, and many others.

Over the years, GRS has identified the need for foreign investors in China to have an insurance service from a professional broker to ensure protection of their investments, both in terms of the extent of cover and pricing that is available from the authorized insurance companies in China. GRS' involvement in placing China risks, include the construction insurance for various kinds of project, commercial blocks, production plants, schools and all kind of factories.

We have a unique position with the market place because we are in constant discussion with all types of corporate clients and therefore our expertise spreads across all classes of insurance and aim to provide a tailored, professional and innovative service backed by up-date technology. Through prudent planning, we remain large enough to maintain a strong competitive edge, and sophisticated enough to provide the highest level of personal service tailored to meet individual needs. This dual advantage manifests itself in the company's knowledge and reputation in the Hong Kong market in which we deal with various market segments.

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